LAHORE – Disappointment has been looming large over the Punjab police as the Police Service of Pakistan Cadre is all set to ignore the promotion of te Rankers Cadre. Rather, the PSP Cadre is backing the mafia of around 400 directly-recruited inspectors, sources have revealed to TheNation.

They have also claimed that the provincial cadre is being disturbed and even service structure of the Punjab police is being verbally amended for the promotion of the directly-recruited inspectors.

“Frankly speaking, rankers are the backbone of the force, severe disappointment will emerge and culture of corruption and disobedience will flourish among the police force if the issue is mishandled by the top guns at this stage,” an Addl IGP told this scribe, on the condition of anonymity.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif recruited 292 Inspectors directly through PPSC in 1998. Earlier, some 120 Inspectors were also recruited in 1993 and in 1995 via PPSC. According to Police Rules, each police officer is confirmed and promoted to next rank after the officiating period of three year.

Now, the directly recruited inspectors demand to give them promotion and rectify it from the date of appointment but when the same benefits are set to be given to the rankers, they will protest and term it an illegal decision. At this stage, around 70 directly recruited inspectors have been promoted as DSPs whereas above 250 DSPs are among the rankers.

On behalf of the IGP, an Addl IGP Chaudhary Tanvir Ahmed flanked by Addl IGP Khan Baig, three SPs held a meeting at PHQ on Tuesday last in order to resolve the issue. Around 12 DSP and Inspectors, recruited directly via Punjab Public Service Commission and some 10 DSPs and six ranker Inspectors attended the meeting. Sources told this scribe that Ch Tanvir allocated 20 percent quota to directly recruited inspectors, going against the Police Rules by cutting 10 percent quota from ranker inspectors.

“Yes, we agreed on the decision, but the PCS Inspectors insisted for the allocation of minimum 40 per cent quota, which is like a coup against the rankers and a dishonesty with the police department,” a participant ranker inspector commented. He said the PCS inspectors should be confirmed and given due promotion from the date of induction but we (rankers) should also be treated equally.

He, however, alleged that Addl IGP Khan Baig, former DIG Headquarters, is taking side of PCS inspectors and depriving the rankers from their confirmation and promotions.

A senior law expert believed if the top cops follow the 40 per cent quota method then all of vacant seats in Punjab Police would be automatically filled by the PCS Inspectors whereas none of rankers would be promoted.

“And this would be a turning point for the ranker cadre, as when the top cops will block their promotion then ultimately they would take no interest in police department,” he opinioned.

The lawmaker further suggested there should be three cadres – Constable Recruitment for ASI, SI Recruitment for SHO and ASP Recruitment for DPO.