NANKANA SAHIB - The Proposed substantial increase in domestic and industrial gas tariffs was condemned by the public across the district on Thursday.

Traders, lawyers, politicians and religious persons and civil society members condemned the proposal increase in domestic gas tariff up to 13.98 percent and in commercial tariff up to 16.95 pc, saying that the skyrocketing increase would bring new flood of price hike of essential goods in the country.

They said, “The PPP-led government should not make the life of the poor people more uncomfortable as the masses are facing already huge financial constraints due to prevailing bad economic condition. The rulers must not punish the people for electing them in the last general election .”

They vent their anger, saying that the rulers must fulfill their promises made during the last elections to come to power by raising slogan of ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makaan’. The rulers, they said, had made their lives more miserable. “The are already facing a lot of problems while meeting their daily necessities and the further increase in gas prices would add to their difficulties.

The government has badly failed to even ensure proper gas pressure.

It is trying to snatch the bread from mouth of the public.” They urged that the government to refrain from increasing the gas tariffs or get ready to face the public anger. The traders have announced to take out protest rallies if the government increased the gas tariffs.