ISLAMABAD - Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said on Thursday that Pakistan is evaluating the US report on the NATO attack at its Salala border post on November 26 which killing 24 soldiers.

“To the best of my knowledge, the US report is still under evaluation,” Basit told the weekly press briefing. On US-Pakistan relations, spokesman said despite ups and downs, Pakistan wanted relations with the United States based on mutual respect and mutual interest.

He rejected the perception that diplomatic communications between the two countries had broken down for some time, adding Parliament was currently in the process of reviewing US-Pakistan bilateral relations and hoped this process would complete soon. Basit said national security and development are two aspects of its foreign policy and the country gives great importance to relations with China and is proud of it.

Basit said Pakistan was also trying to improve ties with Russia and had better relations with Iran and Turkey. The spokesman said Pakistan also gave great importance to relations with Muslim countries. He added the country was also working to strengthen relations with African countries.

Basit said thousands of Pakistanis were playing great role in the development of Afghanistan.

On Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, he said Pakistan has accelerated the work on the proposed project to complete it as soon as possible. “There is a desire to accelerate work on gas pipeline and we would try to complete it as soon as possible,” the spokesman said.

To a question regarding violation of Iran’s airspace by the US and Tehran’s reaction as well as Pakistan’s policy in this connection, he said Pakistan believed in peaceful solution to the nuclear issue of Iran.

To another question about arms control talks with India, he said both sides had expressed the hope that progress would take place after proposal in this connection was submitted.

To yet another question, Basit said Pakistan wants resolution of the Kashmir dispute in light of the UN resolution, adding a national debate in India is currently under way on how to do away with Indian draconian laws imposed on the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Reviewing foreign policy successes during 2011, the Foreign Office spokesman said relations with China attained new heights and Pakistan celebrated 2011 as year of friendship. He said there were several high-level visits during the year.

He said Pakistan’s relations with EU and G-8 countries also moved forward. He said Pakistan-EU five-year engagement plan has been finalised. He said enhanced Pakistan-UK strategic dialogue was launched during the visit of British Prime Minister to Pakistan.

About boat that capsized in Indonesia, the spokesman said Pakistan embassy in Jakarta is in touch with local authorities. A four-member delegation from Balochistan has already reached Jakarta. He said so far 130 bodies have been recovered and all these are decomposed. He said their identification process is continuing.

US ties reset to be on mutual respect