LAHORE - It seems that Supreme Court’s verdict against re-employment of government employees after their retirement, has not yet reached the Water and Sanitation Agency, whose big bosses are all set to re-employ one of their favourite directors in BS-19, who is going to retire on December 30, 2011 (today).

It has been leant that WASA Managing Director Lahore has prepared a summary (a copy of which is available with TheNation) for LDA Chairman (Lahore DCO) for re-employment of Ch Abdul Hameed, Director, UD Wing of the LDA and currently working as DMD (FA&R) in WASA. “The retirement of Ch Abdul Hameed is a great loss for WASA who has made marked improvement in functions of the agency, and he should therefore be re-employed on contract basis as Director Training (BS-19) and allowed to work as DMD (FA&R), WASA,” says the recommendatory note written in the working paper by MD WASA.

It may be noted here that Supreme Court had ruled in its judgement early this year that government servants retired upon reaching the age of superannuation cannot be re-employed in the public sector. Following this judgment, the Punjab government had to remove seven officers re-employed by it. They included: Secretary Prosecution Secretary Rana Maqbool, Chief Minister’s Inspection Team Chairman General (r) Ziauddin Butt, Anti-Corruption Establishment DG, Kazim Ali Malik, PCBC and Privatisation Board Chairman Nazar Muhammad Chohan, Press Secretary to the CM, Shoaib Bin Aziz and Civil Defence Chief Col (r) Ehsanullah. Of these, Shoaib Bin Aziz is back in the saddle. 

The WASA MD has further written that not only the officer (Ch Abdul Hameed) has made the recovery of 140 million beyond the fixed target in the budget of 2010-2011 but also helped in the better image of building of the agency with regard to delivery of services to the consumers. Whereas, in actual terms, it was the performance of Director (Revenue) and the Deputy Director which had been credited to Mr Hameed to make a strong case for his re-employment. The MD has also quoted a precedent of an earlier re-employment of Mr Tanvir Ahmad as Director Training, WASA, LDA and who was allowed to work as DMD after seeking approval of the then Chairman. The competent authority (Chairman, LADA) has been told that he could do so under section-11 of LDA Act 1975 which reads: “The Authority may appoint such officers, advisors, experts, consultants, and employees, as it considers necessary for the efficient performance of its functions on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit”. It is noteworthy that the word “re-employment” has not been used in the above quoted rules.

If the said officer is re-employed, promotion prospects of his juniors would become bleak who will get retired on present posts. When contacted for version, both MD WASA and LDA Chairman (DCO Lahore) were not available on their cell phones.