LAHORE – All the members of the Unification Bloc may not get tickets from the Punjab’s ruling party for the next general elections, The Nation has learnt.

Unification Bloc in Punjab Assembly, which consists of deserters of the PML-Q, supported the ruling party of the province during the governor rule and in recognition of the Bloc services, the PML-N had promised tickets to them for the next polls.

Sources in the Unification Bloc privy to the developments regarding the PML-N tickets for the Bloc members told this correspondent on Saturday that all the U-Bloc members might not get provincial ruling party’s tickets owing to some members’ current political position in the constituencies.

Despite the insistence of this scribe, they kept mum over the names of U-Bloc members’ to be denied tickets.

However, naming one such case, they informed that Dr Tahir Ali Javed, former parliamentary party leader of the Unification Bloc could be one of such Bloc members not getting PML-N ticket for the next polls.

Dr Tahir resigned from Punjab Assembly membership over the issue of dual nationality, while the PML-N had awarded ticket to his father Dr Naimat Ali Javed for the recently held by-polls from PP-133, Narowal but he lost the elections.

When contacted, Mian Atta Manika, founder of the U-Bloc while seconding the fears of his unnamed colleagues regarding the PML-N tickets said that rise in the popularity graph of the PML-N in the province had given it a dictating position over the aspirants of its tickets for the next polls.

He was of the considerate opinion that those who might be left out of the ticketing process, would not rejoin the PML-Q keeping in view the popular wave of the PML-N in the province.

Manika said, “Politics is a very callous profession, which is governed by the doctrine of necessity and he who is no longer a necessity, has unfortunately no place in the cruel business of practical politics”.

The veteran politician from Pakpattan remarked that PML-N could face difficulties while finalising tickets for the next elections, as it had two to three candidates at its strength including the U-Bloc members and it should be choosy during welcoming new arrivals.

Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, senior PML-N leader when reached insisted, “We will accommodate all the Unification Bloc members in the next polls, as the decision to keep them on board was made with the consultation of party runner ups in the U-Bloc members’ constituencies”.

About the fate of the party runner ups in U-Bloc constituencies, he maintained that they would be adjusted accordingly, besides they could make local adjustments to remain in the electoral arena.

Commenting over the fate of cases like Dr Tahir Ali Javed, he said, “We have promised a one-time ride to the U-Bloc members and we have fulfilled our promise with Dr Tahir by awarding ticket to his father in the recently held by-polls”.

When asked about the adjustments with the PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), he informed that a joint committee of the PML-N and Like-Minded to be formed before the next polls would decide the political arrangement with them.