LAHORE – The flight schedule was disrupted Saturday at Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) due to foggy weather and poor visibility, said an official of CAA.

The official said due to poor visibility on Saturday and Friday nights most of the domestic flights were delayed by eight to twelve hours. She said that flights operating on Lahore – Karachi – Lahore, Lahore – Islamabad and Lahore Multan sectors were disturbed, similarly International flights were also delayed due to poor weather conditions. The PIA spokesman said that due to heavy fog at Lahore and adjoining areas, the schedule of PIA domestic and International flights was affected, He said that since safety is the foremost priority of PIA and flights cannot be operated under such weather conditions when the visibility is poor. It is expected that the weather pattern may remain unchanged till next day hence, expected time of arrivals and departures has been changed to ensure safety of Passengers. CAA flight inquiry office said that delayed international flights included Qatar Airways flight for Doha, PIA flight for Delhi and Emirates airlines Ek-622 were delayed.