Introduction: When it comes to entertainment industry, the name of Mohib Mirza needs no introduction. He is a young and talented actor who is popular because of his dashing looks and remarkable acting skills. He has worked in many drama serials and films. Mohib started his career from theatre. He made his debut in TV industry with a successful drama serial ‘Zabunnisa’which made him a well known actor. Afterwards, he worked in dozens of TV plays, telefilms, sitcoms, music videos and commercials. He has won the Best Supporting Actor Award for an international film 'Insha Allah'. He has also produced a pictorial book called ‘Silent Cinema’. In short, talented and Mohib has a complete wow factor in his personality. He has always been on cloud 9 and his work is highly appreciated whatever the role he plays. SundayPlus in an exclusive interview with Mohib Mirza brings lot of facts about his career, life, future plans and much more that you don’t know about him. Following are some excerpts from the interview:

S+: What do you like most in modeling and acting and why?

Mohib: I like acting because that is my passion.

S+: How would you define your acting skills?

Mohib: There is no set definition for a skill in performing arts. Still, in terms of how I act, I think it’s best for my audience to define.

S+: While selecting a role, what are the parameters you consider?

Mohib: I have my goals set. If a role fits the roadmap leading to my goals, I go for it. Key factors that determine suitability is primarily the script, the cast and crew working on the project, nature of the role and its impact in the overall storyline.

S+: What challenges did you face as an emerging actor in this industry?

Mohib: I think the flip side of every challenge is an opportunity, if only we are able to approach it that way. The biggest challenge for any emerging performer is to get his work acknowledged and to discover an audience which has a taste for it. It took its own time for me too, but I guess it was nothing unsurpassable.

S+: What is that one particular role which is close to your heart and why?

Mohib: It’s really difficult to pick one out of so many. But looking at the projects recently done, I would say it was the role of Hamza in ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’

S+: What is your dream project that you haven’t done as yet?

Mohib: Everyone has their bucket list and mine has several of such projects listed in it. But a dream is only worth sharing once realised. So I would wait for the right time.

S+: You recently worked in “Lamha” movie. Tell us briefly about that movie and how was the experience working in it?

Mohib: The movie was produced by Meher Jaffri and Summer Nicks of Bodhicitta Works, and directed by debutant Mansoor Mujahid. ‘Lamha’ revolves around three lives that are bound together by a devastating accident, in an intricately woven story of loss, forgiveness and redemption.

Working with Bodhicitta Works was tremendous. Their thorough and detailed pre-production process, dynamic and effective rehearsals, tight team-work, professional follow-up, cast & crew treatment, level of mutual respect and realistic scheduling was nothing short of impressive.

S+: Share your feelings with us for getting first International award as the Best Supporting Actor for the film 'Insha Allah'.

Mohib: ‘Insha Allah’ was my first film, and to have it selected on an international platform to receive the Best Supporting Actor Award was truly encouraging. To me, it was a sign that read, “Goal ahead, Keep Walking”.

S+: Tell us about your current projects you are working on?

Mohib: There are several of them; three dramas and a film in making.

S+: With which female actress you enjoyed working the most?

Mohib: There have been several female actors that I have enjoyed working with. I think the two key factors that make the act enjoyable is the off-screen comfort level between performers and the on-screen chemistry.

S+: In your view, what are the reasons that Pakistani cinema has not revived so far?

Mohib: There are only two factors: (a) compromise on filmmaking quality and (b) lack of belief in our talent.

S+: How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Mohib: On a lighter note, by having my wife and best friend in the same profession.

S+: How do you face criticism?

Mohib: My critics are Godsend teachers. There is no better way to face criticism than positivity.

S+: In your view what is the best part of acting?

Mohib: If absorbed with a broader understanding of humankind, acting allows you to experience innumerable lifetimes in one.

S+: You have worked in different roles, in which character Mohib Mirza owns his personality?

Mohib: If one is simply playing his own personality, I wouldn't count that in acting. Seeking similarities between a role and one's own personality is stereotyping it. I rather challenge myself in being what the role demands.

S+: Who is your biggest competitor in the industry?

Mohib: Mohib Mirza, yesterday - for the Mohib Mirza I would be tomorrow.

S+: Which has been your favourite role and why?

Mohib: Several of them. Can't really pick one.

S+: Any problems that you had to face while working on international platform?

Mohib: The fact that I had been trying to work like an international performer on local platform, saved me the problems of adaptability that others often face.

S+: What are your priorities when you sign a movie?

Mohib: Director & DoP's portfolio, filming technology, distribution & marketing plan, co-cast, script and role.

S+: What does success mean to you?

Mohib: Being Mohib Mirza.

S+: Where do you see “ Mohib Mirza” in next ten years?

Mohib: In theatres near you!

S+: What are the things that you have learned in the industry?

Mohib: This industry has taught me to be an industry in myself.

S+: Any advice for upcoming models and actors.

Mohib: After having assessed and criticised yourself in the most brutal manner possible, if you still realise that you have what it takes to walk this road; don’t look back.

Things to know about Mohib Mirza

Place to hang out: Home; nothing like it

Favourite designer: Depends on the occasion

Most Memorable Work: That’s for my audience to answer

Most Valuable Asset: My mind

One thing you can’t live without: Youtube!

The best thing about being Pakistani: Compatibility with Diversity

Your day starts with: Focusing my mind

Oldest item in your closet: One of my Levi’s jeans

A Crazy holiday moment: When you can’t find your passport!

Brands you buy: All brands that gel with the brand I am