Recently a friend of mine was conducting a survey for his assignment; it was to know how many students studying in private universities apply for government jobs in Pakistan. To my utter surprise, he told me that the percentage of those who apply for government jobs is very low. Most students go after jobs in private companies. It is a sad day in our history when our youth is so disheartened by corruption that they do not even think of joining national organizations of the country because they realize that getting a job requires a lot of money or strong influence.

Private students hardly try to get jobs in government institutions like Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Steel Mills, Water and Power Development Authority, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, Sui Southern Gas Company.

Most of the students in the survey said that there is no point in applying for job in these institutions since they do not have enough resources to spare to bribe officials. These institutions are over-staffed, and most appointments are made on political grounds. Where a single employee is needed, four are appointed and they virtually do nothing and only become a burden on the nation’s exchequer.

I hope that the next government will fire all those employees who are politically appointed or do not on merit and give jobs to deserving candidates.

MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, December 26.