PESHAWAR – In the wake of recent torrential rains across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the consumers are perturbed with low pressure of gas in some areas of Peshawar, however the authorities concerned claimed that soon the matter would be resolved after diminishing the consumption and change of climate.

Talking to TheNation, General Manager, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited, Haroon Khan said that his department was trying its level best to provide smooth flow of gas supply to the consumers despite extreme cold.

He said that several complaints have been received from Gul Bahar No-1, No-2 and No-3, but these complaints have been redressed immediately and the consumers are now satisfied with the services of SNGPL.

He added that as compare to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, there is not problems in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as despite of huge consumption in the city and in the suburb of Peshawar, they are properly managing the situation to ensure smooth supply at all cost.  He argued that this problem only depends upon the drizzling season and when the rain get stop, the supply would be maintained smoothly.

When asked regarding illegal connection in some areas like Peshtakhara, Kaga Wala, Badhabera and Phando area, he informed that he himself visited these areas and cut down the illegal connection besides, awarding him heavy fines. He said that they have also launched awareness campaign to save this limited stock of energy for next generation but despite of this the masses are ruthlessly using, this facility which ultimately led to shortage of gas facility for consumers.

When asked that SNGPL have been failed to provide meters to consumers on time, Haroon said that this is totally baseless allegations as SNGPL has provide meters to those consumers who had applied one year back in 2011, he said that SNGPL providing connection totally on merit without any personal liking and disliking.  

To a query regarding closure of some CNG station in chilly weather, he remarked that for smooth supply of gas, earlier they had to force some CNGs to remain closed for public interest but later in the light of High Court decision, the suspension of gas to some CNG station in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was stopped as the court has decided that closure of CNG stations is illegal in those areas, which are situated in production zones.

One resident of Landi Arbab, Waqas Khan said that SNGPL authorities should constitute special teams to inspect the rural areas of Achar village, Landi Arbab and Bahadar Kaly where several people has taken illegal connection which effect the performance and reputation of the department.

On the other hand the locals people of Peshawar has also suggested to put some burden on CNG station as slight burden of CNG suspension would not effect CNG owners but it would improve the smooth supply of gas to consumers.