PESHAWAR – An elderly man, Syed Jalal Shaikh of Pushtakhara area, appealed to Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, Dost Muhammad Khan, on Saturday to provide him with justice by arresting the influential killers of his innocent son.

Addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club, the distressed Syed Jalal alleged that last year in the month of Ramadan his young innocent son was killed by certain influential of the area including Farooq, Shoaib, Faiq, and Iftikar of Gujar family, but still police didn’t arrested the killers. “I had also registered an FIR against the accused in Sarband police station and also visited different government offices for justice but to no avail, he lamented.

Jalal also alleged that the alleged killers were fearlessly wandering but local police don’t take any action against the nominated killers. “We hadn’t any enmity with any person but these barbaric people killed my young son, he said while my other son was become mentally retorted after hearing the death news of his brother, he maintained.

He also said that some of the alleged killers were shifted to Saudi Arabia and use money in the police department.

The elderly Jalal appealed Chief Justice of the PHC to take action against the killers and bring the influential killers through Interpol and award them punishment.      

Meanwhile, chief of his own Inqilab Welfare Organization, Sheryar Jalil has alleged that SHO Pushtakhara Sabz Ali Khan pressurizing us with different tactics meant to withdraw the cases against him. He also rejected the allegations level against him by one Alif Khan, and expressed even no relation with these people. He further said that Alif Khan is an agent of SHO Sabz Ali to involve me in fake cases of fraud.

Jalil also warned that if he or his brothers were get any harm the responsibility will be on SHO Pushtakhara police station and other police officials.