At the time when NATO is withdrawing from Afghanistan, the situation in Pakistan is getting worse. The nation is still in shock and grief over the brutal killing of Awami National Party leader and senior minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour in a devastating suicide attack in Peshawar. The spate of killings taking place these days in the high security zone prove how things have gone out of the hands of the government to control. Some days ago militants attacked a high security air base in Peshawar and killed several people. They have not even spared the poor polio vaccination workers doing humanitarian service.

Bashir Bilour was the prime target of militants due to his hard stance against terrorism. He had survived two assassinations attempts earlier but this time he was not lucky. Ten other people, including his personal secretary and a local police officer lost his life in the attack. Only days ago son of a provincial minister had also lost his life in a revenge attack. It is perhaps because of the worsening conditions that in KPK and Fata that several ministers and members of parliament belonging to these areas have taken up abode in Islamabad. And local workers and ordinary people have no means to escape the militants’ wrath. Unfortunately, the government has failed to provide security. The foreign troops’ withdrawal would further create a vacuum in the current security situation. The example of Iraq is before us. The Pakistan government should prepare a comprehensive strategy to face the tough challenge.


Jeddah, December 25.