BAHAWALPUR - Baqaul Mohsin/M Afzaal Hameed - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday made it clear that only the PML-N will fulfil the cherished public aspirations through sincere and committed leadership and will restore the provincial status Bahawalpur as per commitment.

The people of Bahawalpur should not rely on jugglers as they have always hoodwinked them and usurped their rights. We will give you all your due rights as the PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has promised with you and we will never betray you. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed the views while addressing a public meeting here Saturday afternoon at Head Rajkan, Yazman, some 60-km away from here.

The Punjab CM asked the people to vote PML-N in the upcoming general elections if they really wanted to get rid of the prevailing problems and crises. If the PML-N succeeded in forming government after the general elections, the issue of electricity loadshedding will be addressed within one and half years to provide relief to the masses and steer the industry from crisis,” he claimed. He also announced inclusion of the water issue of River Sutlej in the PML-N election manifesto to resolve the crisis in this area.

Shahbaz alleged that the roots of prevailing crippling crises were laid in the looting and plunder of billions of rupees by “Zar Baba and 40 thieves). The unprecedented plunder of national resources by the incumbent rulers has shattered the economy and has been pushing to the country to bankruptcy,” the CM pointed out, adding that the gang of plunderers had deposited all the looted national wealth in European banks. We will not allow the ‘band of corrupt rulers’ to flee away after three months and will take them to task as they are responsible of terrorism in the country,” Shahbaz described.

He claimed that the PML-N would make a clean sweep in the Bahawalpur division in the upcoming general elections as the PML-N believed in the public service. We have served this area wholeheartedly which is evident from development projects executed in the region including 410 bed District Headquarters Hospital, overhead bridge, bypass, Craft Bazaar and Model Bazaar in Bahawalpur while Daanish School in Hasilpur and educational institute for Special Children and Children Park in Yazman with the estimated cost of more than Rs19 billion,” the chief minister enumerated.

The Punjab CM argued that there was no merit policy in the past and the PML-N-led Punjab government promoted merit in every field, adding that the Punjab government recruited 70,000 educators on merit to improve education.

We have established the Punjab Education Endowment Funds to patronise talented poor students through provision of scholarships, initiated distribution of laptops and took revolutionary measures to empower the youth and provide them with the wherewithal to become the real future architects,” he counted. He said that efforts were underway to resolve water problems in Cholistan and this issue would be settled soon on permanent basis. The Punjab CM said that the Punjab government had set up four Agriculture farm in Cholistan with the estimated cost of Rs500 million for the development of livestock. 

Shahbaz said that the Punjab government was committed to improve literacy rate and sincere efforts were being made in this regard to provide education to every child in the province. He was of the view that Daanish Schools in different cities of the province including Bahawalpur division had been established to provide free of cost quality education to children of the poorest people in remote areas to root out discrimination in the education sector. The chief minister declared that the 410-bed modern-designed DHQ Hospital Bahawalpur would start functioning next month and would provide quality healthcare to people of the region.

He assured the inhabitants of Cholistan to resolve their problems on priority basis as he was fully alive to their miseries.

MNA Ch Saood Majeed also addressed the gathering of his constituency.

Earlier, the Chief Minister also inaugurated the School for Special Children and Children Park and Bahawalpur-Yazman dual carriageway. Shahbaz Sharif also paid rich tribute to the last Crowned Amir of Bahawalpur, Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Khamis Abbasi for his remarkable and unforgettable services for the area and Pakistan.He also reaffirmed the PML-N pledge to transform Pakistan into a welfare, developed and progressive.