ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan People's Party led government is determined to quell any move of Tehreek Minhajul Quram Chairman Tahirul Qadri to bring his followers to Islamabad, according to his ultimatum given to the government at his Lahore rally.

The January 14 ultimatum of Tahirul Qadri came under discussion in various party meetingsincluding the Central Executive Committee meeting in Ghari Khuda Bux and party leadership decided that any move to derail the political process would be crushed with iron hand.

The Punjab government is equally concerned over the situation emanating from Qadri's ultimatum to march on the federal capital. The PML-N will not let Qadri's men smoothly move from Punjab as the party does not want share the blame for any undemocratic move.

The members of the inner circles of PML-N said that the provincial government would not facilitate Tahirul Qadri in taking the people to Islamabad from Punjab and would use full force to quell any attempt to march on the capital.

The PML-N leadership had made it clear on various occasions that they would not let anyone derail the system or sabotaging the electoral process.

Sources in the PPP informed TheNation that President Asif Ali Zardari was concerned over the way Muttahida Qaumi Movement was clinging to Qadri's agenda and had deputed Rehman Malik to talk to MQM leadership on the matter.

Sources said that the MQM leadership was annoyed with the PPP government for its failure to enforce the new local government act, besides bearing resentment on the way PPP had left it alone on the issue of voters verification drive and delimitation of the constituencies in Karachi. The MQM sources say that the PPP leadership has assuredthem that the new local bodies law would be implemented in Sindh ahead of the general elections,making the metropolis one unit of five districts.

But in the wake of strong opposition from nationalists and one of the former allies of the government Pakistan Muslim League-Functional, which had left the treasury benches over the issue, the PPP had deferred the enforcement of the act.

The government sources say that the MQM is still part of the federal and Sindh governments and by showing affinity with Qadri, it is just exerting pressure on the government to get some of their demands approved.

They say that the MQM is looking for some better proposition and by showing amity with Tehreek Minhajul Quran it is trying to lure the Sunni majority of Karachi and to ease down tension with Sunni Tehreek leadership.

Some sources say that in coming weeks the MQM would likely part ways with the PPP in Sindh to get a commanding role in the selection of caretaker set up, which after the passage of the 18th Amendment,is the prerogative of the leader of the house and leader of the opposition.

So by moving to opposition benches, the MQM would have a direct say in the selection of caretaker setup.