ISLAMABAD  – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf expresses severe concern over the rising death toll from toxic cough syrup.

Previously in Lahore the same syrup resulted in loss of many precious lives. PTI flays the indifferent attitude of the provincial government of Punjab, saying that the rulers in Punjab are focused on politically motivated projects but a common man’s life and health is the least of their priorities, says a statement issued here Saturday.

The incident reflects sheer lack of responsibility by the provincial government as the scandal comes after over 150 heart patients died earlier this year in Lahore after taking faulty medicine made locally. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif holds the health portfolio and is ultimately responsible for the tragic deaths.

In any “democratic country” the minister would have resigned rather than making pathetic attempts to deflect blame on other authorities. Another important fact is that the provincial government of Punjab enjoys the services of 450 Drug Inspectors.

With such a hefty staff it is ridiculous that the health department of Punjab failed to check supply of contaminated medicine to pharmacies. Immediate action should be taken to remove such over the counter medicines from the market.