LAHORE – Opposing the demand of revival of King Edward Medical College and separating it from the University, postgraduate students council alleged that some people wanted to destroy the prestigious institution.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Saturday, president of newly established PGSC Dr Usman Dar said that over 1500 doctors were studying at the university under MS and MD programs which was not acceptable for the people who wanted to create hegemony of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). Dr Assad Ullah Khan, Dr Nasir Chaudhry, Dr Tajjamal and Dr Javed Malik were also present.

Dr Usman Dar said that the MD and MS degrees of KEMU were recognized world over while the FRCS of CPSP lacked value. He said that there was no logic in ending MD and MS program at KEMU as such demands were being made to create monopoly of CPSP. He said that KEMU was first priority not only for MBBS but also for MS and MD programs. He said that MS and MD programs have also helped improving health service delivery at Mayo Hospital.