LAHORE (PR) – Without availability and continuous provision of trained manpower as per demand of local market goals of individual or national development and progress cannot be achieved, said Arif Saeed, chairman of Govt. College of Technology, Chairperson Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA). He was speaking at the award ceremony of the College. Currently scores of thousands of job opportunities are lying vacant for trained manpower in industrial and agriculture sector in Pakistan. Millions of jobs opportunities are available in the international job market. Keeping in view the local and global job market scenario, TEVTA is striving hard to fill the gap. Centers of Excellence at selected TEVTA colleges across the province would shortly be established, he disclosed.

A number of local and foreign delegates including Dr. Surjit Wadhwa from India, Akram Minhas from Belguim, Shahid Nawaz Shaheen from South Africa, Industrialists, TEVTA Officers, Members of District Board of Management and others were also present at the award ceremony.

I am sure, Arif Saeed said, that no TEVTA trained person is jobless and new trainees would definitely be able to make their share in the local and foreign job market. China, Japan, Germany, India, Malaysia and other developed countries are expanding their influence on the world economic landscape due to their superiority in technology and availability of dependable skilled manpower. Pakistan is leading in textile, agriculture and manpower export owing to provision of technical and skilled manpower.