Pakistan is the second largest user of CNG in the world after Iran. Initially the government encouraged people to come forward and use CNG for vehicles to protect the environment against pollution, but as the number of users increased more than the resources, it has adopted policies that are a clear signal they should shift to another fuel to run their vehicles. Owners of CNG stations are making it worse by shutting down the stations, genera pretending the pressure of gas is low.

It seems that a CNG mafia has emerged in Pakistan and the OGRA and the filling station owners succeeded in raising the price of CNG to almost the level of petrol’s. When the Supreme Court intervened and ordered that the prices be brought down the people breathed a sigh of relief, albeit short-lived, the mafia closed the CNG filling stations in an attempt to nullify the SC’s verdict. It is seemingly hard to stand up against this united corruption. After all the CNG pump owners had become used to huge gains by fleecing the motorists!

The ongoing tussle is affecting the nation, while political leaders fight over their privileges, not bothering about public suffering. On the TV talks shows one hears them mudslinging at their rivals but they do not feel accountable to the masses who had elected them. One hopes better sense prevails and the people’s voice is heard.


Karachi, December 27.