It is needless to mention that local self-governance is pivotal for nurturing democracy in any country and same is the case with Pakistan. Previous local government elections were held on a non-party basis and were unable to provide sustainable democratic norms. It is for the first time that local government elections will be held on a party basis with the hope that this will improve and bring a new era of democracy in the country.

Conducting elections is the biggest peace time activity in a country and there should be some norms to be followed. All security arrangements on the poling day should be as per the May 11 elections so that the voters are protected. The forthcoming local government election would perhaps be the biggest elections conducted by the Election Commission and the authorities need to be very careful. The elections should be held honestly, justly, fairly, and should be publically acceptable.

The local government elections should be held as early as possible in order to facilitate the people but there should be no undue haste in conducting them. Any adventurism regarding local government polls may result in national turmoil.


Islamabad, December 28.