The International Court of Justice at Hague has ruled in favour of India, with observation that “Pakistan has submitted no data on current or anticipated agricultural uses of water from the Kishenganga Neelum”. Have we forgotten the role of Syed Jammat Ali Shah, a Canadian national who was appointed as Commissioner of Pakistan Indus Water Basin Commission by PPP led coalition, who was supposed to defend our national interests, but did exactly reverse and was allowed to flee from the country to evade any accountability, although his name was on ECL?

Everybody is now blaming lawyers for losing Kishenganga case, with devastating consequences for economy, power generation capacity and agriculture produce for generations to come. This country is being run by bureaucrats, who having passed a competitive examination, are considered experts on every subject, heading various departments as Federal or Provincial secretaries and sensitive state corporations. It is this bureaucracy and advisers appointed by elected public officeholders, who decide policies and it were they, who planned strategy for our lawyers representing Pakistan at Hague and provision of data to them.

For years WAPDA was headed by retired generals or civil bureaucrats and similar situation prevails in the fields of telecommunications, aviation, railways, petroleum, medicine, higher education etc. We live in a world, where developing countries utilize best available human resources, specialists in respective fields, to decide policies and plans for development. Countries like Japan or Germany, with hardly any natural resources, focused on developing human resources, and utilizing services of specialists in science, economics, agriculture and social sciences achieved higher GDP than collective GDP of many countries in Mid East.

What we can witness in Pakistan are appointments such as that of a MBBS as advisor on petroleum, or a pharmacist as an advisor on Water and Power, who excels in giving power point presentations. Our elected executives consider it their discretion to appoint matriculates cronies or simple graduates to head state corporations in Pakistan, ignoring abundance of highly educated talent available, who get so frustrated, that in the past five years, almost over 2.7 million have been forced to seek better prospects abroad. May God Almighty save this country and grant some wisdom to those who wield power.


Lahore, December 24.