Restructuring and improvement is needed for true accountability in the country because without accountability we will have no sense of right or wrong. Accountability means to be held responsible for your actions, be they personal or professional. We in Pakistan have not seen anyone held responsible for their action which has given rise to corruption on all levels.

We are all answerable to our conscience at the end of the day for all that we do in this world and so are the public or government servants as well as businessmen and organizations.

Considering the urgent need for the eradication of corruption and inefficiency from government departments and centers of power, our parliament passed the Accountability Act in 1997 but unfortunately no one ever implemented it.

Now that our only accountability organization National Accountability Bureau (NAB) itself is under suspicion, there seems to be no one incharge. The present government needs to take revolutionary steps to eradicate corruption which has reached its zenith. To bring back a sense of morality and devotion to noble principles is necessary. We need to inculcate it into our education, spread it through our mosques and through media. It has become impossible to ignore this any further as we stand, it is now or never.


Islamabad, December 20.