PTI sit-in and the bid to block the NATO supplies from Torkham to Karachi  achieved little except for earning a bad name for Pakistan. I am sure Imran Khan could have come up with a better idea to accomplish his plans. The suffering of the people of Fata continues. The best option for Imran Khan was to have joined the world in its international campaign against the drone attacks, as the world community can no longer be convinced with the kind of protests where people gather to start destruction and damage to properties, government buildings and vehicles.

PTI should have sent a representative to the UN on December 18. It was an important day where the General Assembly unanimously spoke out against the controversial US drone campaign in foreign territories. The resolution to this effect underlined the culmination of an enquiry that Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson had launched in Pakistan and Africa a year ago.

Pakistani politics needs to grow up and our leaders should have better understanding of international matters as well as keep in mind the growing stigma against Pakistan on the international forums. Imran Khan was an international cricketers who interacted with foreign media and press and should have handled the situation in a better way.


Lahore, December 23.