Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, in a recently held press conference, claimed that 90% madrassas were clean, which means 10% madrassas are involved in terror activities. According to several credible sources there are 23,000 madrassas in Pakistan. It means 23,00 Madressah are involved in terror activities. According to this calculation there are 2300 secured buildings where in the name of religion (Islam) terror activities (training, brain washing and militancy) take place.

Every country in the world, with all their military might, will find it very difficult to counter 2300 terror centres, operating in their geographical boundaries. This is the gravity of terrorism in our country. It is heartening to know that Pakistan Army has taken this responsibility upon itself to fight the terrorists but we are also witnessing our government dragging its feet and delaying action, by constituting one committee after other to deal with the crisis.

Why does our government not identify these 2300 terror centres (madrassas)? Why does it not take action against them? Why does it not inform people about these terror hubs? And by the way is the notorious Red Mosque in the heart of Islamabad one of these 2300 terror bases? If so, why does the government not arrest Maulana Abdul Aziz who openly supports Daesh? As a citizen I and millions of law abiding citizens have the right to ask our ‘democratic’ government that what steps it has taken to protect us from these terrorists. Meeting after meeting and committee after committee cannot and will not be able to protect common citizens from these terrorists. We need a Churchill not a Chamberlain at this trying time.


Islamabad, December 27.