The Lesco authorities have reportedly connived with industrialists and causing huge loss to the national exchequer while the poor consumers are sent inflated bills adding to their worries as they are already victim of dearness and exorbitant tariffs of gas and electricity, it is learnt.

Additional burden is imposed on the laymen in the shape of fake billing as extra units are added to their electricity bills. It is noticed that sub-divisions cause financial inconvenience to the consumers in order to beat one another for the purpose of decreasing line losses, sources said. In addition, when the consumers go to the offices for correction, they have to face hardships and resistance by the personnel. And they have to grease their palm to get their legal task done. Even new connections are not installed without taking bribe by the personnel.

In addition, the consumers have to bear the burden of expenses for repair with the involvement of all the authorities concerned when their respective transformer goes out of order. However, the government has failed to control the corruption in the department and to provide the people with relief in this respect.

Likewise, the performance of the Kasur Educational Department is not satisfactory. In spite of provision of funds by the government, the government schools lack basic facilities as the funds are embezzled by the education officials. Sources said that the officials demand bribe for transfer of teachers.

Despite repeated attempts made by this scribe to get version on the issue, the Lesco officials concerned did not receive the calls.