December has always been the cruelest month for Pakistan, it divided us into two parts in 1971, deprived us of Benazir Bhutto in 2007 and now it has brought the worst tragedy. Words fail to express the grief on the heinous barbarism against innocent school children. It indeed is a not only a national but a human tragedy and December 16 would always be remembered as one of the darkest day in our history. There should be no doubts left that terrorism and extremism are the existential threat, the most pressing and formidable challenge we are faced.

This incident is a stark reminder that we as a nation should recognise our foes, shun our differences, realise the sensitivity of the challenge, come on one page and throw away the apologetic attitudes towards those monsters. It is time all the stakeholders, political elite, security apparatus, civil society, media and intelligentsia, revisited their priorities. Otherwise it would be too late and beyond getting corrected. It is requested to the government and opposition to forge a consensus and stand by the security apparatus to shun this barbarism and to safeguard and rebuilt Pakistan,.


Mandi Bahauddin, December 16.