PESHAWAR - The Grand (Loya) Jirga of Uthmankhel tribe has demanded of political and military top brass to jointly look for sincere and committed people for social cohesion and peace in FATA.

Such leadership should be from sons of the soil who have stakes in FATA. Political elites of urban society and exclusive bureaucracy have failed to bring peace in FATA.

The demand was made at Loya Jirga held at Hujra of Haji Muhammad Khan, ex-MNA and divisional head of Uthmankhel Pakhtoon Ittehad on Monday.

More than 400 tribal elders from Bajaur Agency, Mommand Agency and Malakand Division participated in the Jirga.

Scholar students, students and writers of Uthmankhel tribe also attended the Jirga from districts of Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi and Peshawar.

Malak Bahader Shah, Central President Uthmankhel Pakhtoon Ittehad, Malak Saaf Khan, Malak Badri uz Zaman, Malak Muhammad Gul from Momand Agency, Malak Muhammad Akbar, Malak Haji Qader Khan and Malak Sikander Khan from Bajaur and Haji Muhammad Khan, Prof. Sher Alam and ex-DSP Zohrab Gul lauded the services of Patron-in-Chief of Uthmankhel, Dr. Fasihuddin, for his services to the tribe, who brought unity amongst them and forged brotherhood in the tribe.