Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that the end of 13-year war in Afghanistan by US-led forces was a great victory of their opposite powers.

Talking to the party workers here at Pasrur, he asked the Taliban to wage “Jehad” in Afghanistan and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and Daish to fight against Israel in Syria, instead of killing the innocent school children in Pakistan.

He added that brutal killing of the children could never be called Jehad, saying that all the religions teach love, peace, affection, brotherhood, unity and respect of the humanity.

He said that the elements involved in terrorism and suicidal attacks in Pakistan were having direct or indirect links with the anti-Pakistan elements present in Afghanistan.

He said that the UN and European Union should not oppose execution of terrorists by Pakistan government. He said that Pakistan has taken a very bold step of reviving the practice. He asked the UN and EU to come forward and support Pakistan in weeding out terrorism from Pakistan.

CELEBRATIONS: Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Tahir Sandhu said that every religion inculcates the lesson of love, peace, interfaith harmony, and respect of the humanity.

He was addressing a meeting of Christians held at village Dheedowali-Daska in connection with X-mass Day and New Year. He said that the minorities have been enjoying complete religious freedom in the country and the government was making efforts for protecting their rights. He said that the government was striving for safeguarding their rights and protecting life and properties.

Punjab Parliamentarian Secretary for Human Rights and Minorities Tariq Maseeh and MPA Zulfiqar Ghauri were also present. Tariq Maseeh said that the Christians have also been playing their pivotal role for national prosperity.