Islamabad - Hundreds of personal files of the employees of Capital Development Authority (CDA) are ‘missing’ from the record of the concerned directorates of the authority, it has been learnt reliably on Monday.

According to the sources, majority of the CDA employees, particularly those associated with the trade union, prefers to keep their personal files with them without any authority instead of submitting it in the concerned directorate.

“The people associated with trade union are least bothered about what the rules say and what the administration directs them from time to time on the subject,” said a senior CDA officer on condition of anonymity. He said the employees in possession of their personal files believed that those files were safer and more secure in their possession instead of being in the record room, thus causing problems for the high-ups, as they would not be in immediate access of the relevant record pertaining to the service of a particular employee. Whenever they are asked to surrender their files to the office, the management got the reply that it would be produced whenever needed, the officer added.

According to the officer, human resource directorate deals with the personal files of the officers of grade-16 and above while the files of below grades are kept at the concerned directorate. At present, there are more than 18,000 employees of the authority. The sources said that the ongoing practice was causing problems for the HRD and taking notice of the same, the director HRD had issued a letter to all those in possession of their personal files to submit without any further delay the files to the concerned directorates of the authority. However, the sources said, the request fell on the deaf ears and so far the management received no positive response from the employees and hardly anyone had submitted the file. The letter said that in case an employee did not submit one’s file, it would be considered ‘missing’ and a summary would be moved so as to construct the same afresh. The officer feared that during the practice, some relevant and important record pertaining to the service of a particular employee might be missed.