ISLAMABAD - The father of a 26-year-old Jamia Hafsa student (Uzma), who was allegedly enlisted in the seminary without her parents' consent, has filed a petition in the human rights cell of Supreme Court, seeking return of his daughter.

Sheikh Mohammad Qayum accused Jamia Hafsa administration of forcefully keeping his daughter Uzma at the seminary and not letting him meet her.

He said that every possible step was taken to bring his daughter home but in vain.

"We asked renowned religious leaders to mediate between us but the Lal Masjid officials would not listen to anyone," he said.

Criticising the madrassa for inculcating extremist views, Qayum said he was threatened by the Lal Masjid administration after his story was published in the newspapers.

"If something happens to me or my family, Umme Hassan and Maulana Abdul Aziz will be responsible," he said.

Uzma was reportedly registered with Madrassa Rozatul Quran for a four-year Sharia programme but later moved to Jamia Hafsa without telling her family.