If we could only learn from our mistakes, we would not have to lose so many precious lives and our dignity. When our largest International Airport and air bases were attacked by heavily armed terrorists, Pakistan was exposed as an unstable state and poor in taking security measures. We should have learnt a lesson and our security plans should have been fool proof, to avoid any terrorist attacks in the future. Though our politicians have tried damage control, media had already exposed Pakistan’s lack of protection of its strongholds.

Attack on APS in Peshawar could have been avoided, if we had remembered the terrorist attacks on Mehran Base, Kamra Base, Karachi Airport attack a few years ago and Wagha border attack recently. As we all know our country is going through many problems, we are still looking into claims of rigging of last elections, rather than solving our big issues. An opposition party of the country is not willing to accept PML-N in government and they have resigned from the Parliament. Taking a stand against the elected government.

Pakistani nation needs post-terror Pakistan as we are tired of picking up dead bodies, this continuous killings should come to an end now. We have seen too much bloodshed in the past, how much more do we have to witness and bear? It’s our right to live in a terror free Pakistan. We have lost more than 70,000 people in this so called ‘War on Terror’ but this recent loss of children has broken our backs. Though the Government is taking serious steps, on urgent bases, there is no option to stop now as this long war on terror is in its final phase and we have to show our strong support for civil and military leadership to be successful in the war.


Islamabad, December 19.