ISLAMABAD - National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) Tuesday decreased tariff for the month of November under the monthly fuel price adjustment.

The decision will provide a relief of Rs2.06 per unit or Rs20 billion to electricity consumers, however, the reduction will not be applicable to K-Electric and domestic consumers using less than 300 units a month as, according to Nepra, they are already getting subsidies. The Central Power Purchasing Agency stated that 6722.13 GWh electricity was generated at the expense of Rs27531.80 million during November.

During the month, cheapest energy source hydel contributed 34.25 per cent, gas 32.55 per cent, nuclear 3.26 per cent, and furnace oil contributed Rs 27.61 to energy mix. Expensive source high speed diesel was used to generate only 0.42 percent. The per unit cost of generating electricity through HSD was Rs 12.48. Through furnace oil, it was Rs7.43 while an amount of Rs5.75 was spent to produce one unit of power through natural gas.

The cost of generating one unit of electricity was calculated at Rs4.0957. After adding line losses, the total electricity generation became 6540.30 Gwh, while its cost jumped to Rs34831.27. The Central Power Purchasing Agency had put Rs7408.67 under the head of adjustments and supplement charges.

After adding expenses, the pre unit of electricity jumped from Rs. 4.0957 to Rs5.32. Nepra fixed Rs7.30 as reference fuel price of generating one unit of electricity.

After going through the presented data, Authority ordered to cut down certain expenses and re-calculated suggested cost difference of Rs. 1.97 to Rs. 2.06.