rawalpindi - The doctors of Allied Hospitals are allegedly forcing the attendants to arrange blood for their patients and submit the bags in blood banks but later the blood is not transfused to the patients.

Nobody knows where this blood donated by the attendants is used. The horrific exercise of forceful blood donation is going on mostly in gynaecology emergencies of the three government-run hospitals where blood transfusion is always high because of operations and other issues of female patients.

Unfortunately, the administration of the three teaching hospitals - District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and Holy Family Hospital (HFH) - is taking no action against the doctors who forced attendants to arrange blood when it is not needed at all. A source revealed to The Nation that the officials of the blood banks are involved in selling blood bags outside the hospitals while taking advantage of carelessness and proper check and balance on part of higher authorities.

According to a survey conducted by The Nation in Allied Hospitals, it was revealed that doctors in most of the cases asked the attendants and heirs of the patients to arrange two or three bags of blood immediately for medical treatment. Later, the blood is not transfused and it remains stored in blood banks.

The poor patients and their attendants/relatives lashed out at doctors and management of the AHs over this inhuman attitude of doctors.

Ali Imran, husband of a 28-year-old expecting woman, told The Nation yesterday that he was bringing his wife on a wheelchair to emergency department and hardly reached inside when a lady doctor started asking him to arrange two bottles of blood immediately. “I wonder how the doctors asked me to arrange blood even without checking my wife,” he said.

He added that finally he donated his own blood and deposited it in blood bank. “My wife remained under observation for seven days in the hospital but the doctors did not transfuse blood,” he said. Imran was of view that blood bank officials told him upon asking that his blood would be given to any thalassaemia patient in future. “This is not fair. This is robbery of blood. The government should take action,” he demanded.

Another pregnant woman Mehnaz Bibi, who arrived from Pagvi village of Attock, was categorically denied of blood by doctors despite her hue and cry due to pain. “Mehnaz is my daughter-in-law and is expecting with twins and we have no donor right now in the hospital to donate two blood bags. Doctors have refused to operate upon her without submission of blood,” said Asfhan Bibi, 70. The old lady questioned what the use of blood bank is if blood is not provided to needed patients.

Medical Superintendent (MS) HFH Dr Raja Shafique Sarwar, when approached by this scribe in his office, denied that any official of blood bank is involved in blood stealing. Nonetheless, he admitted that many patients lodged complaints with him against doctors for forcing their attendants to arrange blood even without seeing patients. “I have summoned the meeting of all doctors and will bar them from doing so,” he pledged.

The medical superintendents of DHQ and BBH were not available for their comments on the issue.

Chief Executive of AHs Prof Dr Muhammad Umar while chatting with The Nation expressed his wonder over the issue saying he would launch inquiry into the matter as to why the doctors are doing so. On a query, he said that the blood donated by heirs of patients does not go waste and is transfused to any needy patient.