In a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah said he has presented his point of view under the constitutional limits, Waqt News reported. While talking to media Qaim said Karachi Operation began after the consent of all political parties. “Karachi has witnessed 80% peace following the operation,” he said. “I am the head of operation and I will remain so,” he emphasized.

Further the CM told the media that the province has the authority to give some conditional or unconditional authority. “The provincial assembly has given its suggestions over the bill regarding Rangers’ authorities and under Article 147, due authorities have been accorded to the rangers,” he added. “In the new bill Rangers have been only asked to take me into trust before any arrest and if there is a complaint against any institute the action will be confirmed in seven days,” the CM told the media. “Before passing the bill, the summary was sent to the DG Rangers Karachi.”

"Terrorism is a national issue and it is our national responsibility to root out this disease,” he pointed out. The CM also stated that Rangers have been in Sindh for a very long time and they will stay there. “The operation is a federal initiative but we are paying the costs of the operation,” he claimed. “I am satisfied with the meeting as PM has ordered Interior Minister to meet me in Karachi to resolve the issue."

On a question about Asif Ali Zardari he answered that Zardari has no hurdle en route to his return to Pakistan and he can come back whenever he wants. “There is no case against Zardari he is just unwell,” he claimed.

Qaim further pointed out that NAB has been functional for a long time and questioned why it is investigating corruption cases only in Sindh. “Is there corruption only in Sindh?” he asked.