ISLAMABAD - Under 6.64 billion dollars loan programme, 10th review talks between Pakistan and IMF will take place at Dubai in the last week of January.

Recommendations will be made for releasing 11th tranche of 500 million dollars loan to Pakistan if the talks succeed. The talks will continue for 10 days.

Sources said Pakistan authorities will brief IMF delegation in details on tax revenues, reforms in energy sector and privatisation program during the meeting. IMF delegation will be told that government has started taking effective steps for extending scope of tax net and non tax payers are being persuaded to be integrated into tax net. Reforms are also underway in energy sector under which subsidy will be phased out.

IMF delegation will also be told that pace of implementation of privatisation process would be accelerated and this process in respect of Pakistan steel mills, PIA and other 4 institutions will be completed till June 2016. The delegation will also be informed that all possible efforts would be made to complete privatisation process of IESCO, FESCO, LESCO and PESCO by June, 2016.

If talks go successful then meeting of IMF Executive board will be held in March to approve to release 11th tranche of 500 million dollars loan to Pakistan.