HAFIZABAD - The Kassoki Police charged Asad, son of ex-nazim Rana Israr, Ahsanullah and their accomplice with allegedly chopping off one hand and fingers of another hand of a farmworker about three months ago.

The police also arrested two of the accused on Tuesday. According to FIR lodged by Muhammad Siddique, father of the victim Abu Bakar alias Akram, former Rana Israrul Haq had hired his son’s services as field worker in his village Wachoki for some time. After completion of his contract, his son left Wachoki and returned to his village Budha, district Nankana. However, after some time Israrul Haq etc. visited his village and demanded Rs15,000 outstanding dues against his son. They paid the amount but they insisted to proceed along with them to their village and work in the field for further period.

On their refusal they allegedly bundled his son in a car and returned to their village Wachoki. After few days, he came to know that Asad, Ihsanullah and others allegedly cut off a hand and fingers of other hand of his son. However, the ex-nazim denied the charges and claimed that the hand and fingers of Abu Bakar were cut off while cutting fodders on October 22. He said that they had taken Abu Bakar to the Hafizabad DHQ Hospital through Rescue 1122 where they paid charge incurred on his treatment from their own pocket. The villagers of Wachoki when contacted corroborated the version of Rana Israrul Haq and his son. They questioned that if the hand and fingers were chopped off by Asad etc. why the victim had not contacted the police after the occurrence of the incident. The DPO Hafizabad has constituted a special investigation team to ascertain the allegations of the complainant. According to preliminary investigation, apparently it seems that it is an incident.

AFP adds: the police arrested a locally powerful landowner and two accomplices for allegedly chopping off the hands of a 17-year-old farmworker whose family had failed to repay a loan of 15,000 rupees ($150).

The incident took place around two months ago in the agricultural district of Hafizabad. It was only reported to police Monday after the victim’s family decided to speak out. “Asad Israrul Haq and his two accomplices have chopped off hand of Akram Abu Bakar, 17 years old,” said a copy of the police report.

Local police station chief Mahmood Butt said the attackers had used a feed chopper to mutilate the teenager.

KHIDMAT CARDS DISTRIBUTED: The government is taking revolutionary steps to rehabilitate physically handicapped persons by imparting them skills so as to enable them to make their livelihood respectfully.Addressing a gathering in the DHQ Hospital in connection with distribution of ‘Khidmat Cards’ among physically disabled persons, MPA Malik Fiaz Ahmad Awan said that the Khidmat Cards programme would go a long way in the provision of relief to mitigate sufferings of the people with disabilities. He said that sum of Rs1200 per month would be provided to them after every three months through ATM cards. The focal person Shahid Ismail Mirza said that 1,066 physically handicapped persons have been registered in the district and they would be provided the cards after issuance of disability certificate by medical board at Hafizabad and Pindi Bhattian hospitals. Pick and droop facilities have also been provided to the recipients, he added.