Within national boundaries of The Pakistan, we people perceive ourselves as united, progressive, cooperative and proud citizen of the state of peace and love. Though the reality is bitter to taste and even hard to imagine regarding our international worth.

Do you think of our international image, while you fly overseas and authorities make you separate from the normal inspection lane? Do you think of our international image, when people abroad ask questions: “Are you people still not able to decide about your official language after decades of independence?” or “Really, is there any proper University in Pakistan?” Do you ever think of your international image when people join adjectives to your country terrorism?

To me, answers are too simple if you start blaming the government, national institutions or most particularly national media. But when we ask this question, who is running the government, institutions or media? I surprisingly got a simple answer that these are run by the individuals-citizens of Pakistan. Therefore, I cannot blame these bodies for our position today but, I can blame every citizen of Pakistan.

In fact, here is a time to revamp yourself as a nation please! Let’s think about a famous quotation that “one bad fish can spoil whole pond” but why not start thinking with a perspective that one good fish can beautify a pond as well? Let’s identify and eradicate the germs of corruption, nepotism, favoritism, red-tapism and religious intolerance. Let’s start sharing the words of love, affection and messages of peace. Let’s be generous towards other religious sects and present us in best possible ways at international platforms.


Lahore, December 26.