TOBA TEK SINGH - The Faisalabad Anti-Terrorism Court yesterday remanded four accused of the mass liquor poisoning incident in police custody for 10 days, following a police request for further investigation.

On Thursday, the Toba City Police produced the four accused in the ATC, requesting 10 days physical remand for further probe into the toxic liquor case that has claimed 42 lives so far. The fifth arrested accused of the case Adeel Mani Maseeh is under treatment in Faisalabad Allied Hospital.

The City Police also added Sections 7 of Anti-Terrorism Act and 302 of PPC into the FIR already registered against five arrested accused of the tragedy. As many as 42 persons have so far been died after consuming aftershave lotion as liquor on Christmas night.

The five accused included two aftershave lotion shop owners, who happens to be brothers, - Muhammad Shahid (a former Toba MC vice chairman) and Muhammad Qasim, their servant Muhammad Ashfaq, a Chuttiana police station sweeper Sawan Maseeh and Adeel Mani Maseeh. They have been charged with supplying aftershave lotion to Mubarakabad Colony, which was later consumed as liquor and caused the deaths.

Meanwhile, after the death of three more affected persons in Faisalabad Allied Hospital, the death toll reached 42.The three deceased - Sumair Maseeh, Adnan Maseeh and Qaiser Maseeh breathed their last in the hospital and were buried in their ancestral graveyard on Toba.

Meanwhile, Sawan Maseeh, main accused of the toxic liquor tragedy and a sweeper at the Chuttiana police station, told media in police custody on Thursday that he received only Rs60 for transporting a container of 20 litre chemical from a shop to Mubarakabad Colony. Otherwise, he had no role in the supply or sale of the liquor or chemical. He denied the allegations that he had brought liquor from Chuttiana police station’s warehouse and sold it out to the accused persons. Shop owner Qasim informed that he had brought aftershave lotion for wholesale in drums and had sold it to the accused persons against Rs150 per litre. “I was unaware whether or not the accused will sell it for consuming as liquor,” he pointed out, confessing that later he thought that it might be used by Christians as liquor on Christmas night he became worried. “But it was too late as nothing could be done to stop the accused from doing so,” he explained.

Some witnesses shared their accounts that the accused persons filled the chemical in half litre and one litre plastic bags and sold to the customers against Rs300 per litre.