WASHINGTON: Pakistanis living in the United States are confident that policies of the present government will help end load-shedding in Pakistan by 2018, the previous regime witnessed the worst level of corruption and zero development.

Reacting to reports of inauguration of a 340 MW nuclear plant in Punjab, several community leaders and professionals lauded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his commitment to the welfare of the country and its people and his determination to end the load-shedding which is the major hurdle in the country’s progress and development.

Ibrahim Paracha, a leading businessman, said the present government has delivered on its promises and despite many hurdles, the economy was now stable and terrorist activities have been largely contained compared to the previous years. “All credible international financial institutions are commending Pakistan’s economic growth.”

Paracha was confident that by 2018, there will be no load-shedding in the country as announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the multi-billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor will create a very positive impact on the economy and infrastructure development in Pakistan.

Jaudat Umar, a sports analyst, said China had refused to negotiate on CPEC during the previous regime mainly because of the corruption.

He said the policies of the present government have established credibility which will boost the foreign investment in the country.

To the contrary, he said PPP leaders have not learnt any lessons from their mistakes and continue to pursue the old way of doing politics of hatred and confrontation.

Talking to APP, Hamid Malik, President Pakistan Link, USA noted that PPP leadership continues to harp on the old tune of confrontational politics. He said on the death anniversary of their leader Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, observed on Dec. 27, no policy statement was made by the PPP leadership to mark the day. Instead, he added, they raised absurd slogans against the present government in a bid to mislead the people.

“Zardari should understand that under his tenure corruption was even echoed in US Congress and PPP’s five year tenure experienced the worst corruption in the history of Pakistan,” he said and added that even now the performance of PPP government in Sindh was disappointing and corruption in the province was on the rise.

"In their tenure, national organizations running in profits such as Pakistan Steel Mill were bankrupt and they could not even find the people responsible for BB’s assassination, according to Annie Kameron, an educational counselor.”

Chaudhary Shahzad said  Pakistan has made significant progress during the past three years under the present government and people were now becoming mature and paying no heed to propaganda or agitational politics.

“What happened to the threats by Bilawal B. Zardari to shut down the entire country on Dec. 27?”

PPP does not enjoy grassroots and nationwide support and their support is now limited to rural Sindh as people still have emotionally attached to Benazir Bhutto, though they are increasingly getting upset by the politics of the present PPP leadership, he said.

Paracha strongly pleaded with the patriotic Pakistani to project Pakistan’s achievements and condemn those who were involved in doing negative politics at the cost of national interest. While he supported freedom of speech, he said no one has the right to cross limits and must only do criticism in a civilized manner. “Name calling and politics of hatred and confrontation must be stopped”, he added.