LAHORE -  A writ petition yesterday was filed in the Lahore High Court challenging formation of four companies made by the Punjab government including Saaf Pani Company, Lahore Waste Management Company, Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company and Lahore Transport Company.

Sheraz Zaka advocate, a local lawyer, filed the petition submitting that these four companies are being run by the provincial government on taxpayers’ money whereas such concept is in negation of local government system. There is no law regarding non-trading companies, he said.

The petitioner pointed out that these companies basically were formed to clip the powers of the local government. Therefore, he contended, the functioning of these companies is unlawful and violation of Article 9, 140 of the constitution.

The lawyer-petitioner further said that Public Sector Companies Rules 2013 were made by the federal government to control these companies but the cabinet was not consulted for making these rules.

He submitted that legislative provisions were necessary to regulate the non-trading corporations solely function within the province as laws regarding non-trading companies is a provincial subject.

He said Companies Ordinance 1984 is a federal law which can regulate companies formed by the federal government and not those non-trading companies formed by the provincial government.  The petitioner prayed the court to set aside these public sector companies being run by the provincial government.

Verdict Reserved

The Lahore High Court reserved decision on an appeal against appointment of Justice (r) Asad Munir as administrator of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

Some officials of Pakistan Football Federation filed the appeal and submitted that that there were two faction of PFF and the officials of the federal government were interfering in its affairs

They said that the federal government had no authority to regulate the PFF affairs. He said that PFF gets instructions and funds from the international football federation.

They further said that the LHC single bench while hearing a petition about dispute in PFF had appointed Asad Munir as administrator, which was unjust. He requested to set aside the single bench order.

The federal government counsel said that it was wrong to stay the government was interfering in the PFF affairs. He said that these were two factions, which were trying to get control of PFF. After hearing the arguments of both sides, the LHC reserved the verdict.

Justice Syed Mazahar Akbar Naqvi of Lahore High Court summoned DPO, DSP and SHO Jalalpur Bhattian on a complaint seeking action against police for torturing a court bailiff.

The Judge passed the order on the complaint filed by district and session judge Hafizabad (D&SJ), and adjourned hearing until January 2, 2017.

D&SJ in his report submitted that in a case of detaining ten people, the court had deputed a stenographer Mohammad Munir as bailiff to recover the detainees.

As the bailiff reached the police station to recover Noor Hussain and others, the officials manhandled the bailiff and also snatched from him the court record.

Chief Justice ordered to convert this complaint into a petition and fixed it for hearing before Justice Syed Mazahar Akbar Naqvi who summoned the accused police officers.

On another complaint, Justice Syed Mazahar Akbar Naqvi of the LHC summoned the district police officer (DPO) Rahim Yar Khan and police officer from Rajanpur who conducted illegal raid at the residence of a civil judge Zulfiqar Ali Mazari.

Judge ordered to the DPO, SHO police station Rajanpur and a subinsepctor Iffat to appear on January 2, 2017.

Civil Judge Zulfiqar Ali Mazari filed the complaint through district and session judge, Rahim Yar Khan. The complaint alleged that the SHO and sub-inspector conducted raid at his residence without warrants. He said that when he asked about any judicial order the police party claimed that they did not need any order for this raid.

He alleged that the police party misbehaved with the family members. He said that the police party ransacked his house and threw out the luggage.

He said that there was no legal justification for the police action none of his family member was wanted in any case. He claimed that conducted raid without warrants at the residence of a judicial officer amounted to contempt of court.

Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah ordered to convert the complaint into a writ petition and Justice Syed Mazahar Akbar Naqvi held proceedings on it.