HAFIZABAD -  A special education teacher sexually abused his disabled teenage girl student for one and a half years, father of the affected girl complained to a local court.

The Hafizabad Saddr Police, however, appeared dillydallying to take any action against the accused.  The disabled 15-year-old girl is a Class-V student in Government Special Education School, Hafizabad.

According to Ishaque Ahmad, father of the affected girl, Zohaib, a teacher at the special education school, had been sexually abusing his disabled daughter for last one and a half years, threatening her of dire consequence if she informed her parents. The other day, condition of the special girl deteriorated after the accused again abused her. She informed her father about the vicious act of her teacher. Ishaque Ahmad approached the Hafizabad Saddr SHO for a legal action against the accused but he appeared reluctant to initiate any action. At which, Ahmad submitted an application to Special Magistrate Sohail Mehmood. Taking up the issue, the court directed a medical check-up the student to ascertain the charges.

Later, as the news was aired by media and the affected girl taken to hospital, Hafizabad DCO Muhammad Ali Randhawa and the DPO arose from slumber. The DCO visited the hospital and assured the girl father of justice. According to the DPO, a case has been registered against the accused and police have launched hunt for Zohaib. Father of the disabled student has appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to provide him justice at earliest.