KAMALIA - Foot-and-mouth-disease (FMD) has broken out in milk producing animals in the suburban villages - 741/GB, 742/GB, Mauza Bub and areas alongside River Ravi, causing panic among cattle farmers who rely on milk as livelihood.

According to veterinary experts, the Foot-and-mouth-disease (FMD) is an infectious viral disease of cloven-footed animals characterized by high fever and vesicle formation in the oral cavity and on feet and teats.

During a survey, cattle farmers told this correspondent that there is an outbreak of the disease in milk producing animals in the outlying villages of Kamalia including 741/GB, 742/GB, Mauza Bub and areas alongside River Ravi. There is serious concern among the cattle owners for the safety of their cattle as no arrangements have been made by the Livestock Department so far. The affected cattle farmers said that their cattle are falling sick at an alarming rate but the Livestock Department seems least bothered to do anything in this regard which may cause a huge loss to cattle owners and milk production industry in the area.

 They demanded the Livestock Department to send special teams to the disease-hit areas to prevent its further spread.

When contacted, the District Officer (DO) Livestock said that the officials are collecting preliminary data about severity of the situation and soon teams will be sent to the affected area to deal with the disease.