LAHORE - The Lahore Waste Management Company removed a total of some 20,98625 tons of waste from across the city, MD Bilal Mustafa Syed said yesterday.

Issuing annual report 2016 at LWMC head office, the managing director told the media that some 38,095 waste-related complaints were received on helpline 1139 which were resolved on priority basis.

LWMC launched massive cleanliness and awareness campaigns across the city especially in educational institutions, markets, parks and public places to sensitise and mobilise community and other stakeholders which are joined by students and youth.

The company has also started work on rehabilitation of Mehmud Booti dumpsite, in order to convert it into a green park and utilising organic component of municipal waste at compost plant for its conversion into environmentally feasible soil enricher, Bilal Mustafa added.

LWMC has been taking over the plant previously run by a private firm and has initiated to register its product named Beliya, aiming to make it fully functional around April 2017.

Construction of Storm Water Drainage Chanel at Lakhodair Landfill Site, acquisition of land for Construction of Waste Transfer Stations and Waste Enclosures in strategic areas in the city, Land acquired around 110 acres at Sunder for Construction of Material Recovery Facility, acquiring of contract of Janitorial and Housekeeping Services for Multan Metro Bus System, authority to practice Enforcement of Solid Waste Bylaws (Imposition of fine and lodging of FIRS against violators) by establishing a team of enforcement inspectors were key schemes completed in 2016.

In its annual report, the LWMC said it is reviewing health insurance of regular and work charge employees. Awareness with regard to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has also improved.

In order to introduce and promote the culture of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), Segregation at Source, Pilot Project in two selected areas of Shadman-II and Upper Mall has been launched which will be expanded to other areas as well so that usable component of waste could be brought into use.

LWMC started exercising its powers to take notice and impose fine on citizens who violate Solid Waste Management bylaws, particularly against those who do not maintain cleanliness at public places. Taking action, since June 2016, as many as 2230 citizens have been challenged in this regard resulting in the collection of Rs2.23 million.