CHITRAL - Police have recovered a newborn kidnapped from Chitral Hospital the other day.

As per the police, Hazratuddin, son of Niaz Muhammad of Sheshikoh valley, rushed his wife to Gynecological ward at Women and Children Unit of District Headquarters Hospital at Jang Bazar Chitral. She gave birth to a male baby. According to police, Hazratuddin left Rabia, aunty of his wife, at the hospital to care the baby and his wife and he went to hotel for night stay.

When Hazratuddin went to hospital early in the morning, he found his son missing. He registered a complaint to Chitral police and a team detailed to ascertain and to trace the missing baby. They reached and recovered the missing child. Hameeda Bibi told media person that she has 7 daughters and no son as well as her husband also died last year so she wanted to keep a male person in house that’s why she kidnapped the child.

Chitral police arrested both accused persons and lodged FIR against them under section 363/364A, 34 of Pakistan Panel code and sent them to prison on judicial remand.