VEHARI - District Officer (Health) Naeem Malhi embezzled funds worth millions of rupees in the Health Department during the period of 2014 to 2016, revealed an audit report.

The report was prepared by audit officer Mohib Ali Magsi. According to the audit report, corruption was at its peak in the Health Department. Mohib Ali Magsi said in his report that District Health Officer Naeem Malhi was found indulged in serious financial corruption. It is the worst example of embezzlement as millions of rupees additional spending was made by the officer. The report said that no proof was available about the additional money paid.

The DOH drew Rs420,790 for the purchase of stationary during the F.Y 2015-2016. According to the audit report, the DOH embezzled Rs293,611 in the irregular purchase by calling simple quotations; Rs 84150 in the purchase of TB dots programme medicines and purchased costly ORS amounting to Rs 431,880.

In the name of repair of machinery and equipments, he plundered Rs 98,280; through non transparent-/doubtful expenditure on account of repair of machinery and equipments Rs 327,621 and through unauthorised withdrawal of conveyance allowance for employees Rs6.666 million. He was also accused of making unauthorised payment of house rent of Rs5,431 million. There was doubtful consumption of the quantity of ORS worth Rs1.558 millin, unauthorised purchase of medicine on quotations amounting to Rs 589,900 while the embezzlement due to non-deposit of GST amount drawn from the government treasury amounted to Rs399,066.

Misclassification of expenditures amounting to Rs836,360 and doubtful purchase of huge quantity of face masks and surgical gloves amounting to Rs 820,000 were also exposed in the report.

The audit report revealed that surplus quantity of medicines and other goods was purchased without need and demand from the end user to utilise the budget. Immediate disbursement without the need in the field revealed that the just entries were made to show the consumption.

Audit report recommended constitution of an inquiry committee to check the consumption and purchase under intimation to audit.  When contacted, the DOH said he was well aware of the audit report but now everything has been settled in a meeting.