Health is always obligatory for every individual. Whether he is poor or Rich, black or white, young or old- it is necessary to make yourself safe from all of diseases. There are numerous diseases in the modern world which are very harmful. One of them is HIV Aids. Human immunodefiency Virus (HIV) is today’s extremely rapidly spreading infection which has crossed 3 crores all over the World. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), due to HIV Aids 1.1 million people lost their precious lives in 2017. However, the country of Pakistan is also not free from HIV Aids. In recent event on 30th anniversary of World Aids Day, the status was shown that 150,000 people are affected by (HIV) in Pakistan while out of them only 25,000 people are registered in the treatment centers declared by minister of health.

Moreover, Punjab health minister Dr Munir Ahmed stated that there are still people who feel ashamed to discuss that he or she is effected. Finally, today every one should realize or understand that diseases always exist till they are treated.


Turbat, December 14.