Pakistan is ambivalently following different ways to cope with problems emerging from social, economic and political wings. Many decisions had been made by the past governments to combat with economic and political devastation but the society is still waiting for political actions against illegal and immoral activities. The economic issues can be resolved by using available resources honestly and political destruction can be reconstructed through an unbiased democratic system. But the social development is a very difficult task, it comprises of social behaviour which covers all the economic and political aspects of any country. In the new paradigm, accompanied by economic and political progress, the youth development is the most important element of national growth. According to a comprehensive National Human Development Report (NHDR) launched by UNDP showed that Pakistan has a large young population as compared to many other nations. Apparently, the largest young population in Pakistan is a sign of high potential which can fashion our country, but it is also of crucial importance to know whether our younger generation is on the right track? Unfortunately, it is very hard to share that most of our youth (school and college students) is heading towards immoral activities like drug addiction, etc.

I am not blaming the students but it is needed to know, what is the impetus behind these activities? It could be due to the weak interaction between students and teachers, depression, easy availability of drugs or low attention of parents towards their children. Accompanied by weak interactions and low attention, the poor check and balance of government is also instrumental in such senseless activities. Many actions are needed to get rid of this situation. There are two ways to compete with an unshaped social system in Pakistan. One is to change the society and the other is to change personality. The idealists put their emphasis on the personality of man as the determinant of society.

While materialists argued that social structure, creates personality. The present government should focus on re-arrangement of indigenous institutes and re-orient the youth society towards the attainment of new social goals through training about the harms of drugs. Pakistan does not suffer from lack of social planning, but rather from gross inability to implement plans. It is my humble request to Prime Minister IK that please not only renovates institutional infrastructure, but it is a dire need to renovate youth’s minds by providing them with a secure environment in the schools, colleges and universities and strict actions need to be taken against drug mafia.


Saudi Arabia, December 28.