Bush loves conflagrations and human dead bodies. As president, he set Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan ablaze. The conflagrations roasted numerous innocent men, women and children in these regions for his dining table. What a cuisine As president, Bush revelled in shedding blood of innocent human beings. He reddened a substantial part of the earth with the blood of numerous Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis. He feasted his eyes on the crimson earth. As an ordinary American, he would no longer be able to pamper his eyes. What would the eyes do? Poor, miserable eyes. One simply wonders what Bush would do with the rest of his life as a non-president. His post-presidential days must be the bleakest days of his life. Every single moment must be dullness and dreariness incarnate. The close associates of his presidency must be depressed. They must be nervous that Bush's heart might start misbehaving. They need not be tense. They should know that nature has equipped Bush with a heart which is absolutely sensitivity-proof. Besides killing human beings, Bush as president had another passion. He loved destruction on a gigantic scale. With his blessings, Israel destroyed Gaza's residential houses, electricity-supply systems, water-supply systems, food-supply systems, roads, schools, hospitals etc etc. He himself did in Iraq and Afghanistan what Israel did in Palestine. If you look at the totality of destruction in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan you would be convinced that Bush commanded greater destructive power than earthquakes. If an earthquake were to have a glimpse of the Bushian destruction, it must feel ashamed of its own comparative impotency. Strangely enough, the destruction which Bush inflicted upon Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan was not an arbitrary affair. It had a Bushian logic behind it. The logic asserted: "If animals can live without modern houses, without roads, without electricity, without schools, without hospitals etc., etc., why can't the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis live likewise?" What an irrefutable logic Had it been possible for Bush to remain president for another term, our earth might have gone off its orbit. The consequences can be well imagined. Luckily, Bush is ashes. The world is dechained. Whether the relief is going to be a temporary or a permanent affair, only time will tell. But history tells that there have always been more Bushes than political redeemers. Thank God, Bush is extinct. The UNO must be jubilant. Throughout his presidency, Bush made cruel fun of the General Assembly as well as of the Security Council. He enjoyed insulting the Security Council by spitting his veto at its face. And he rejoiced humiliating the General Assembly by flinging its resolutions against Israel into the gutter. Bush confessed that his Iraq invasion was a mistake. But he tried to redeem himself by asserting that the mistake was the result of the CIA's misinformation about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Bush forgave himself for letting himself to be deceived by the CIA. And more generously he forgave the CIA for deceiving him. Since no weapons were found in Iraq, Bush was extremely frustrated. Because of the frustration, he rained his own weapons of destruction all over Iraq. Consequently, millions of Iraqis fled the country. And very many who could not flee had to pay with their lives for Bush's mistake. Bush's swansong was: "I have a clear conscience. I have a clear conscience." One just wonders if he was really born with a conscience. And if he did have a conscience, he must have plucked it out the day he occupied the White House. Obviously, a conscience and Bush as president could not live together. Before his departure, Bush delivered his farewell address to the world. What a tragedy The world should not have allowed him to deliver the address. Instead, it should have trumpeted: "Thank God What a great riddance What a relief" Is Bush's extinction a temporary relief? Only time will tell. The first decade of the 21st century is lucky that it has witnessed the departure of the most heartless destroyer of the contemporary world's peace. As president, Bush repeatedly declared that a Palestinian state would be established by the end of the year 2008. Each declaration was a black lie. Actually, he was determined never to allow such a state to be born. His repeated false declarations were meant to convince the world that he was a liar par excellence. The Middle East hopes that the death of Bush's presidency might give birth to a Palestinian state. During Bush's last days, Israel relentlessly bombed Gaza for twenty-two days. More than thirteen hundred Gazans were killed. One third of them were children. The dead bodies of the babies were Bush's last gift to the world. As president, Bush demonstrated that the savagery of civilisation is more savage than the savagery of the pre-civilisation man. The writer is an academic