This is with reference to expansion of federal cabinet on January 26. There was hardly any need for this expansion because the country is facing severe financial problems. After four more ministers have been inducted, the strength of federal cabinet has swelled to 64 making it the second largest in the country's history. Apart from the cabinet itself, a number of parliamentarians get perks equivalent to those of a minister and their number is estimated to be as many as 91. When one considers these perks - from luxury bulletproof limousines to foreign junkets - one understands why the exchequer is being bled by the billions. It is the country's poor who bear the brunt of this extravagance. It is strongly suggested that the government should desist from wasteful expenditure and ensure that the loan taken from IMF is only spent on development project s like the Kalabagh and Basha dams and not on the perks for the favoured ones. Let us save each rupee to start these all-important projects immediately. That way, we will be able to generate cheap power costing one rupee for a unit of electricity so that some relief is provided to the common man in the coming years. -ENGR MUNAWAR HUSSAIN, via e-mail, January 28.