KARACHI - The federal government has agreed to provide wheat to Sindh government to avert the anticipated crisis in the month of February, official sources told The Nation. The wheat reserves of provincial Food Department of Sindh are only to fulfill the needs till the end of February. The Sindh requires about 0.375m tons wheat to avoid the crisis of wheat and flour before the arrival of new crop in April. A senior official of Food Department of Sindh told The Nation that due to the timely efforts of the provincial government has led to the release of wheat from the federal as well as Punjab governments. The clouds of wheat crisis have disappeared due to the strategy of provincial government and people need not to worry about shortage of the staple food, he said. Official sources informed that Punjab government has also given positive signals to provide wheat to Sindh but it has yet not been finalized the timeline of the supply of wheat from the largest province of the country. The Food Secretary of Punjab Government has agreed to provide at least 50,000 m tons of indigenous wheat to Sindh province while this quantity will receive during next month, he disclosed. It may be noted here that Sindh had sought at least 175,000 tons indigenous wheat but Punjab has promised to provide only 50,000m tons. However, official confirmed that PASSCO has also agreed to provide 10,000 tons indigenous wheat to avert the crisis in the Sindh province. All the wheat stocks promised by Punjab government and PASSCO will be received through Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock of federal government to Sindh. Senior official reminded that keeping in view of the depleting stocks of wheat, the provincial government has kept informed Islamabad and sought help to get wheat. Meanwhile, provincial Secretary of Food Department Allah Dito Shar told The Nation that TCP, through a letter has informed the Sindh government that it will provide imported wheat to province. The provincial department has received the letter of TCP on Thursday but it does not carry any detail that how much quantity of wheat will be received from TCP. The Trading Corporation of Pakistan will inform the provincial government on Friday about the quantity of wheat to be provided to Sindh. He pointed out that previously wheat imported form Ukrain has been proved substandard and unfit for human consumption. However, Sindh government had also conveyed protest over the supply of this interior food staple last year. Meanwhile, he made it clear that a team of experts would check the samples of wheat being imported from the United States of America while Sindh government will not purchase wheat if it proved substandard and unfit for human consumption.