After the demise of communism in Russia, the than commander of NATO justified its existence by saying it would fight the Islamic fanaticism in future. So the Western powers tactfully manipulated the Muslim world and produced two groups within Muslim Ummah, i.e. the moderate and extremist groups. They are fighting against the extremists with the help of moderates. In this uni-polar world, there are 57 Muslim countries having 1.5 billion of population and 1/4 of world's wealth. They are in possession of 60 percent natural resources. The Muslim world has 7.5 million strong standing armies on which tens of billions of dollars are spent for maintenance but none could save their 1.5 million Muslim brothers in Palestine trapped in Gaza. During the last 20 days of war, Israel has killed more then one thousand innocent Muslims. The Muslim world is quiet, unmoved. Mere condemnation of Israel's brutality is just not enough but that is all the Muslim world can do. The Muslim Ummah now ought to get awake from its deep slumber and make a military organization to rival NATO so that we are able to defend the Muslims and their interests all over the world. Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said that Muslim Ummah is like a body, if any part of it hurts the whole body feels the pain. -ANWAR ALI SHAH, Chitral, via e-mail, January 15.