ISLAMABAD (APP) - The gas supply to partially closed Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations and industrial units falling in the Islamabad region - Attock to Jhelum - has fully been restored, said an official of the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) here on Thursday. "The gap between demand and supply has been overcome and now there is no problem of gas shortage or low gas pressure in our region," In-charge Media Affairs of SNGPL Islamabad Region Shahid Akram told scribe. He said each and every CNG outlets and industrial units operating in the region are being supplied un-interrupted gas with full pressure. Shahid Akram advised the consumers to contact the complaint cell of the company, if they have any problem with regard to gas supply or low gas pressure. The complaint cell will respond round the clock at telephone numbers 9257700, 9257738, 9257774 and 119. The company has advised its consumers to avoid excessive use of geysers and gas heaters aimed at ensuring uninterrupted gas supply to domestic and commercial users. It also asked all the consumers to take special care and adopt all precautionary measures while using gas appliances to avoid untoward incidents in the winter season. The gas appliances of good quality should be used and a trained plumber should be approached to rectify gas leakage inside homes to avoid any untoward incident. The consumers should keep open at least one window of a room while using gas heaters and do not use rubber pipes and must desist from using the electric fan or exhaust fan in case of gas leakage. He also asked the consumers to switch off the heater before going to bed to avoid any untoward incident.